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About Foundation Repair

AQUEDUCT WATERPROOFING, LLC - has nearly 30 years diagnosing and repairing the problems associated with foundation cracks.  We repair everything in a foundation from a simple crack to a full wall.  We use The Reinforcer Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement System, manufactured by Nash Distribution .  The Reinforcer is a foundation wall repair product which has been proven effective at taking care of a variety of foundation problems.

Cracks in the walls of your foundation may be caused from the normal shrinking and curing of concrete. Sometimes, however, the cracks are a warning sign that the foundation is experiencing problems, like settling, or it could have issues with hydrostatic pressure from around the foundation which can cause walls to lean into the basement of a home.

If there are cracks in the foundation wall, water will eventually make its way inside through these cracks.  It may start as a trickle of moisture at first, but over time water will start to seep into the home in very large quantities.

Warning signs of leaking wall cracks

1. Water can be physically seen dripping down from a crack.

2. Stains or obvious signs of water damage are seen on the walls.

3. Puddles of water appear on the floor below the crack.

4. Mold starts growing on the wall under or around the crack itself.

5. The crack appears to be getting bigger and bigger in depth and size.


Leaking Block Walls 

Cracks in Walls & Floors

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